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Heroine wa zetsubou shimashita summary:

Her everyday life has been suddenly soiled by blood and humiliation. Cheerful and popular high-school girl, Shibuya Mei was transfered to the other world and without knowing the reason why, she was eaten to death by monsters inside there. She felt every bit of "dying" in the other world and when she finally died, she found herself back in her world. It happened many, many times over and over again. She felt as if she was about to go crazy from the pain and sorrowful memories, when she met a boy - Akiba Yugami. He freed the girl from the chains of the virtual world she found herself in, but he wasn't so good as she thought he was. This is the story of a young girl fighting for her dignity.
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Chapter 8 4,342 2 day ago
Chapter 7 4,137 Jan-15-23
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Chapter 5 5,205 Dec-22-22
Chapter 4 5,395 Dec-22-22
Chapter 3 5,712 Dec-22-22
Chapter 2 6,694 Dec-22-22
Chapter 1 10,699 Dec-22-22

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